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Video Storytelling Engages Your Users

Video marketing is really a love story, a love story you have with your business, products or services. A professionally produced video will clearly show why you do what you do. Isn’t the entire reason we put passion into our work because we hope we can share that passion and pass it to others? Video is the vehicle to do exactly that.

That’s why we refer to “video marketing” as storytelling. We are not just holding up an expensive camera in front of you or your product and hope that it turns into conversion; We are a part of your passion. We share the dream of doing what we love, and sharing that with others.

Everyone has a story. Our job as storytellers is to provide you with the tools and experience to cleverly put the story of your product or service in the hearts of potential customers. We want you to be noticed. We want you to share your passion. But most importantly, we want your audience to believe you and believe in you.

If you had a chance to read the 5 Ingredients To Successful Video Marketing, you’ll realize that it’s not as much the technical end, but the entire pathway to secure that result. There’s planning, there’s defining, there’s analytics, and there’s a lot of passion.

Be sure to contact us when your passion for telling your terrific story outweighs standard point-and-click marketing. We want to hear about you as much as we want to hear from you. Send us a note to get the passion rolling.

A Typical Video Marketing Process

Our Most Common Storytelling Verticals


With a proven track record for conversions from video in the luxury car market, we are ready to take on any type of automotive or vehicle video marketing campaign. We use a variety of cameras, cloud mount systems, cranes and drones to capture the best possible shot selections for marketing and video purposes.

Auto or vehicle manufacturers
Local and regional Automotive dealers
Auto parts and secondary market dealers
Recreational vehicle marketing
Motorsports marketing

Food and Wine Marketing

We have a thorough understanding of the complex challenges in food and wine marketing. Restaurant marketing is quick-paced and ephemeral. Wine marketing is designed to build trust for longer-lasting relationships. Both are perfect for video storytelling in both current offers and historical backstory.

Wineries and wine clubs
Food Distributors
Specialty Grocers
Caterers and specialty chefs

Music and entertainment

Because almost everyone on our team is a musician or some type of artist, music, art, and entertainment marketing is close to our marketing hearts. Music and entertainment is a unique business, as in many cases there is no tangible product. We also understand the many advantages to direct selling to downloads and other virtual product groups.

Record labels and music videos
Music samples and drop-needle houses
Art galleries
Art consulting

Real Estate and Commercial Property

There are many great ways to approaching the many challenges of real estate marketing. Many developers realize that video marketing can be utilized to entice and engage users in property with 10x the impact of static photography. Allowing an audience to walk through property adds a value that both interests users and saves time for developers and real estate agents.

Commercial property sales
Real estate developers
Home builders and manufacturers
Real estate agencies and agents
Home building vendors

State Agencies and Local Government

It is virtually impossible to do business in the city of Sacramento without coming in contact with state and local government agencies. Our biggest offering to state agencies is our livestream service, but we also use video storytelling to tell the underlying cause of each individual agency. From water districts, to urban planning and development, we’ve developed several stories for internal and public use that have made a significant impact.

State agencies
Local government agencies