FREE DOWNLOAD : The 5 Ingredients To Successful Video Marketing

What's cooking in video marketing?

Video marketing is growing at a tremendous pace, and we're excited to be a part of this historical change in the way marketers present their products and services. We've been in video marketing for years, and have done campaigns for Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Disney, MSNBC and dozens of others. In this document we discuss some of the steps alongside a compelling video for effective conversions.

From wineries to automotive dealerships, the process for a strong marketing campaign is typically the same: entice users with compelling video and offer a simple call-to-action to make your marketing campaign consistent and effective. Whether your marketing plan calls for social media, landing pages, or direct user email campaigns, video can be at the heart of it if used in conjunction with a process designed to commit users to a call-to-action.

12VoltArts is a storytelling video marketing and brand concept company that specializes in conversion efficiencies. We create compelling content as well as marketing strategy to help your campaign meet its goals. Be sure to stop by and see some of our work if you are interested in have us join you in planning a video campaign.

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