Where Are You?

We see you over there with your hourly posts and iPhone photos. It’s good you recognize the power of online promotion, especially with social media. But after so many postings, you notice your numbers are actually going down and not up, mostly because your users have had so much overexposure to your message that they’ve become bored.

That’s where we come in. Our first question is always: “What is your USP?” We want to know what makes you special. Why you do what you do. Why you think your company product is better than your competitor’s?

From there we draw a strategy outline and fill it in with proposed ideas about postings, advertising, videos and landing sites to fulfill your marketing objectives. Once that is defined we develop a schedule that works for your business. Lastly we create an execution strategy, utilizing all of the resources at our disposal.

To get your message across effectively, you need an array of tools to accomplish a professional presentation. Which tools are most effective depends on your marketing goals and accompanying strategy.


For many clients we utilize video, motion graphics and animation. Our independent research has demonstrated that is the most effective means for distributing a promotional message. Some video messages are hosted by a third party personality, some are hosted by the client themselves. It depends on the client’s preference. In general we don’t recommend clients to talk about themselves in their promotions.

Other tools we frequently utilize include landing pages/minisites, blogs, vBlogs, online and some traditional advertising, tracking, analytics and metrics, music, and in some cases apps and specialized programming such as games and custom software.

Whatever the tools, we are adamant about making a custom experience that follows your marketing plan and USP.

The Trap Of Self-Promotion

Talking about ourselves. It’s become sort of a trap from which users leave in droves. As companies drone on and on about what makes them best, users are looking for content that is 1) relevant and 2) interests and entertains them. Many companies miss both of those marks completely, as they are unclear what their true marketing objectives are, how to define their USP, or how to execute to that strategy.

We’d like to say it for you. By defining what makes you unique in your unique selling proposition and formulating a strategy for that plan, we are able to directly execute and track to that messaging to effectively reach your audience. The important factor in retaining your users is to carefully promote so that it doesn’t seem as though you are just talking about your business—it is far better to prove it by showing them.

Tools such as video, motion graphics and animation speak for you. They often need less explanation because they show users what you’ve been trying to tell them. Nothing sells better than being shown why something is great.