The Benefit Of Blogging

The blog is where it all starts. Our clients don’t always have an active blog, but often should. If they don’t, we often show them why it is important to have one. Social media is a vehicle, not a destination. It’s an important distinction: Your users need to land somewhere to capitalize on your message. Where they land is typically a place for an easy conversion.

Conversions are the point. They should be easily converted on mobile and on desktop computers. Therefore, we use websites with blogs to land users from social media paths. Once they land, what do you want them to do? Buy your chocolates? Sign-up for a newsletter? Call a number to inquire about a service you offer? All of these things are easily displayed when they touch down on a landing page or a blog post.


Additionally, capturing users to a website is easily trackable. Data provided through the ad server compared with actual metrics surrounding landings can produce interesting results, and mark the success of a landing page.

The intricacies of designing a landing page is an art in itself. Our background in advertising greatly helps here. The goal is to motivate the user to action, and to produce a true conversion the landing page process must be simple to understand, navigation and take action. We’ve found that more often than not, users are confused at what they are looking at and how to move forward. Years of experience has taught us to design simply and make the action quick and painless.

The blog also serves a purpose in SEO as well. Blogs are loaded rich in keywords surrounding your product and service. With a good URL and an active blog, you stand a good chance at ranking and attracting organic users to your site simply by developing custom and interesting content.

These are all things we consider for our clients. Good marketing is not just being good at one channel, but rather the sum of several parts to make an outstanding and well-rounded campaign.