Success for any type of campaign can only be justified with the proper tracking. Many believe they can determine the amount of followers or conversions to adequately measure success rate, but it can actually be much more in-depth than that.


There is an easy method in Google Analytics to measure simple traffic to your site using referrers, or sites that post a link that links to you. When a user clicks on the link, the site from which they came is known as a referrer. If Google Analytics is installed correctly, the link back action will be recorded by Analytics and entered into a database. Analytics users are then able to track not only where the user came from, but from which post or advertisement as well.

Deeper than that is tracking conversion method. By using an offsite pixel, conversion tracking can also be deployed to find the most effective routing for posts, ads and other referrers.

About a third of what we offer clients is strategy to better facilitate their marketing process. Every client has different needs, but every client does need at least some level of tracking to determine the optimal solution for their marketing plan.