Poor Majesty - "Who Is Poor?"


5ohm recording artist Poor Majesty's new record is as much about the video experience as the record itself. This video is one of the first for his debut recording Good God Almighty, with several more videos to follow for his sophomore release due this summer.

The song Who Is Poor? utilizes samples drawn from Terrance Blanchard and Branford Marsalis' theme song from Spike Lee's 1990 classic film Mo' Better Blues. The movie is about the complicated life of a jazz musician in NYC.

Many of the scenes feature actors Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes performing in New York jazz clubs, so we thought we might mirror that style in Poor's music video as a reminiscent throwback to the film. We set him up with a Fender Rhodes piano, hired some musician friends to play acoustic bass and drums, and recreated a jazz club environment with clever lighting techniques. In post production we assembled the footage with filters and layering to give an old jazz style to the project.