The Ultimate (Vehicle) Marketing Machine

Sacramento’s local market for Mercedes-Benz is through The Von Housen Automotive Group, a dealership that similarly embodies the cultural style and luxurious brand of Mercedes-Benz USA. There are actually three dealerships in the greater Sacramento region, all with similar demographics and offerings.

The secret to any car dealership is timely promotion, and 12VoltArts developed a video strategy alongside marketing firm Stryker-Munley Group to develop corporate-level advertising while remaining local to the community it targets.

Nearly all concepts are centered around a local-market storytelling; local landmarks and nearby popular locales are often in the shots. Inside the story is the insert, which features that month’s promotional campaign. The inserts are typically filmed in one of the dealership’s galleries to maintain the vision of the local-market strategy.

Many different types of rigs are used in our marketing of vehicles: cloud mounts, cranes, jibs, shuttle pods and drones are the regular tools of our monthly shoots.

Mercedes-Benz \\ Von Housen Automotive Group

Video Marketing And Television Advertising

2018 – 2019