Branding and interactive for an internationally renown painter

To be truthful, it’s almost too easy to design for the work of Micah Crandall-Bear as his work already fits into a strong design aesthetic. Crandall-Bear has shown all over the world, and his work is displayed in one of the largest and most prestigious collections in Northern California: The Crocker Art Museum.

To more easily identify the work of Crandall-Bear in mediums outside of his paintings, 12VoltArts developed a brand for the painter that celebrates the underlying meaning to his work: natural forms and organic composition. The mark had to be simple, and it had to convey his connection to nature. Many people identify Crandall-Bear’s work to that of colorful California landscapes, where he grew up.

Additionally, Crandall-Bear used interactivity to further connect with his audience through websites and social media. 12VoltArts created a web presence for his 2017 show Radium, and his 2016 show Telluric, which remains his most successful show to date.

Micah Crandall-Bear

Branding, Interactive, Video, Photography