Parfums De Vie \\ Harmonie Fragrance

Brand Design

Grasse's Parfums De Vie is a fragrance designer backed by a good cause. The husband and wife team assembled Villa Des Parfums in 2007 to help serve the under privileged children of Grasse, France. Parfums de Vie also runs a Furniture and Clothing Recycling Initiative that benefits the many needy families of Grasse.

Their objective was to produce two different types of fragrances to help support their charitable causes. One fragrance was designed specifically for females, the other unisex for male and females. They partnered with French fragrance producer Molinard to custom-design a fragrance tailored towards their market. In helping them decide on product names, we assisted on settling on Céleste for the female fragrance, and Toujours for the unisex fragrance.

We developed their brand guideline in close collaboration with their marketing strategy. For product design, we opted for simplicity and elegance over robustness and flash. Earth tones seemed appropriate; We recommended greens, greys and mustard to complement their brand strategy.