Groundswell is an art gallery owned by 12VoltArts, and features cutting edge artists from around the region as well as internationally. It's based in Sacramento, CA in the heart of midtown.

Groundswell started as an art show between 12VoltArts founder John Johnson and local painter Micah Crandall-Bear. The are both now partners in the gallery, and along with curator Jaime Caluya focus on cutting-edge art that fits their brand appeal.

We created Groundswell's brand to fit their artistic aesthetic, and along with that a series of videos that combine the work of the featured artists as well as the gallery itself. The videos are used in conjunction with the promotion of the artist. They are regularly featured on social media, on the web, email blasts and various other channels. The soundtrack is from the Groundswell Remix record available on 5ohm Records.