Inspired by Art

Midtown Sacramento’s Groundswell Art is not a typical art gallery. In addition to hosting art shows, the gallery also produces music and other miscellaneous events throughout the year. The gallery itself needed to be part of the brand, and the look and feel of the space needed to exude a welcoming feeling with artistic embellishments.

12VoltArts designed a very simple and straightforward brand package that carried over to the space. A slate grey was used throughout; most galleries have white walls, but Groundswell was designed with a light grey in mind to bring up the warmth and uniqueness. Since the gallery had derived the name from an art show the owners had displayed as artists a few years prior, part of that show was implemented into the brand mark. A simple tree in a circle is used as the symbol to convey organic, local and community involvement. A single burnt orange bar is used to symbolize the earth, or the ground in Groundswell. The bar is present on nearly everything in the brand, including along the outside of the building.


Branding, Print, Video, Environmental