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5ohm Records was a record label formed by J.W. Johnson up in Seattle, WA in 2015. Their first formal release was The Jazz Subversives’ soundtrack to Groundswell, which was a soundtrack to an art exhibit in Sacramento, CA.

5ohm has since moved to Northern California, and signed a variety of artists, including The Jazz Subversives, Poor Majesty, N.O.M.E. Nomadd, AnonVeda, Cubicle and others.

12VoltArts is the official design partner to 5ohm, and is responsible for all visual aspects and creative direction of the label and its artists. 12VoltArts also creates the music and promotional videos for the label and artists, and plays a role in the creative strategy for moving artists into their musical careers.

5ohm Records

Video Marketing, Advertising, Web, Brand Strategy, Design, Marketing Strategy, Photography

2015 – 2019