Want your real-time event professionally broadcasted to a mass audience? You've found your team!

What is livestream?

Livestream is classically defined as a live transmission of an event over the Internet. It can be a corporate event, a meeting, a public speaker, an artistic or musical performance or anything, really. Livestreaming is the process of transmitting a live video feed in real time over the Internet to almost any platform, including Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube or even a public or private website. The opportunities are endless. It's an outstanding way to reach a wide audience using devices available to almost everyone that wishes to view it. 12VoltArts livestream uses special cameras and hardware for a fulfilling viewing experience for all users, regardless of their device or connection.

How does livestream work?

Livestream uses a complex system of cameras and hardware to ensure the most stable and best quality transmission possible. We start with a multiple camera setup, with perspectives for wide view, mid-range and closeups. All of these cameras are connected to a device called a switcher, which allows a director to switch between video feeds in real-time, much like a live television broadcast. Behind the switcher is a device called an encoder, which changes the format of the video feed to be viewed by the users on any platform, at almost any connection speed. Presenters may choose Facebook or other social media as their platform for presentation, and use the tools available on those platforms to interest, invite and interact with their followers. In other cases, users may choose the type of delivery method available to them, depending on their device.

What can Livestream do for my business or government agency?

Livestream is an excellent tool for reaching a wide audience interested in your company's or agency's presentation and messaging. It is a professionally-filmed forum which allows users from virtually anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and minimum hardware and software such as a tablet, phone or web browser to take part and participate in your event. Many options exist for interactivity and engagement, as well as private viewing and ticket sales, and recording of the event for later viewing by the same or other audiences. Many Northern California businesses want to reach a more global marketplace, and many California agencies need to bring in partners as well as communities to their live events. We offer the best method to do exactly that.

Our complete turnkey solution is perfect for:

  • Corporate Presentations
  • Corporate Training
  • Conferences
  • Government Presentations
  • Government Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Private Engagements
  • Artistic Presentations
  • Music Concerts

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