Video Marketing Ranked as Number One Marketing Priority According to Mondo Survey

August 22, 2019News, Of Interest, Video

“According to the survey, the video marketing types marketers plan to invest in most for their 2019-2020 strategies are Instagram stories (66%) and newsfeed videos (62%). The prioritization of these two video marketing types differed for B2B marketers and B2C marketers, with newsfeed videos getting the top ranking from B2B marketers and Instagram stories being … Read More

Inflatable Refugee in Venice, Italy

June 10, 2016Of Interest

Inflatable Refugee, which is a 20-foot tall sculpture is to set sail around the world to draw attention to the refugee crisis in Europe. Schellekens & Peleman enlarged the ‘Inflatable Refugee’ to match the reactions his arrival in the Western world evoked. Schellekens & Peleman have chosen to create this inflatable figure from the same material as the boats, … Read More