Our premise is simple: To offer compelling and organic storytelling within a marketing strategy utilizing disciplines of which we have become expert. We are not just marketing strategists, nor are we just videographers or graphic designers. We are a menagerie of talents, including design, strategy and planning, music, audio, photography, video and motion graphics, advertising and marketing. Our passion for marketing planning tempered with careful execution is what sets us apart from other design firms. Our clients often refer to us as their "in-house marketing person," and of course we are happy to be part of their family.

Having so many disciplines in-house allows for a creative energy that powerfully and uniquely emerges in your message and is recognizable in the work we do whether that work is an app or web site, advertising campaign or video presentation. Our work represents us, and we take great pride in the craftsmanship it takes to employ executions that excites our clients and delights their customers.

Your brand has a great story to tell and we are brand storytellers with the tools to tell it. Our passion is developing your custom message and finding the right vehicles to drive it to your consumers. We love what we do, and we are excited that you will, too.

With the broadening scale of world markets, we are proud of our ongoing development with our international clients. The world is getting smaller, and we are pleased to dissolve the boundaries within industries that were once separated by language and culture. 12VoltArts strives to be the marketing firm of the burgeoning global economy.

We invite you to contact us for a consultation about your marketing strategy.


John Johnson